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About Nevis & St. Kitts

Nevis has been called by Forbes, "The coolest Caribbean Island you've never heard of."

Situated just a few miles from the more well-known island of St. Kitts, Nevis is a beautiful island destination that's a must-visit opportunity for amateur or professional swimmers, bikers, hikers, adventurers, golfers and leisure-lovers from all over the world.

Nevis Peak volcano

Nevis in a Nutshell

The Caribbean island of Nevis is a 36-square mile burst of vibrant life located only a ferry ride away from its sister island of St. Kitts. While St. Kitts is a bustling destination with an international airport, Nevis is a far cry from the busy activity that takes place only a short distance away. Hop a flight or take a laid-back ferry ride from the main island to Nevis and quickly find yourself immersed in a hidden oasis of life and adventure where world-class swimming and other activities abound.

With no cruise ship terminals and no major public airports to be found, the gorgeous waters and pristine beaches of Nevis are isolated and protected from overuse or crowding. Meanwhile, the volcanic peak of the island stretches 3,234 feet straight up into the dazzling blue skies where dense tropical rainforests adorn its higher climes.

Opportunities for swimmers and athletes abound in the many events that are regularly scheduled around the island, ranging from triathlons to cross-channel swims among the incredible marine life and tropical beauty of Nevis and St. Kitts. Here visitors can find something for everyone, whether they're seeking thrilling adventure or tranquil relaxation among the visual beauty of the island.

Friendly locals can be found throughout Nevis, manning charming shops and eateries where you'll quickly begin to feel like a local yourself. Quaint or luxurious hotels, rentals and guest houses can be booked for families, individuals or groups alike. Nevis truly is the undiscovered paradise of the Caribbean.

Nevis Peak volcano

Why Visit Nevis?

While St. Kitts is the larger and much more well known of the two islands, those with inside information know that a true Caribbean paradise experience is only achieved when the sister islands of St. Kitts and Nevis are considered as a pair. There's a reason these lands share the name "The Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis."

While St. Kitts offers a more developed, bustling experience that will satisfy many tourists, Nevis offers a more unique experience without sacrificing the features that visitors look for in an island destination. For example, there is a grand total of only 400 hotel rooms to be found throughout the entirety of the island. But those rooms constitute a wide range of styles and types, ranging from the friendly and quaint plantation inns run by locals to the gorgeous Four Seasons Nevis Resort featuring a world-class golf course.

The less developed nature of Nevis allows visitors to experience the island on their own terms. Tours are available, but not necessary, to explore the island. Solo adventurers and groups alike can engage with the island and its friendly people without hours of scheduled activities, though opportunities for these activities certainly abound.

Meanwhile, St. Kitts is always a ferry ride away, allowing island visitors to enjoy a dual experience taking in all of the wonder and beauty that this dual island nation has to offer.

For more information about Nevis ask for our Free Guide.

This guide is designed to serve as an introduction to the island, including information about what Nevis has to offer, how to get there, and how to spend your time once you arrive. By the time you make it to the end, you'll be opening up travel sites to book tickets of your very own.

Map of Nevis and Neighboring Caribbean Islands

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