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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q1. When is the Swim?
A. Sunday, March 26, 2017

Q2. How long is the swim?
A. 2.5 miles or 4.1 kilometers

Q3. Who does it benefit?
A. The Swim Nevis Cross Channel Event is an entity formed by Organizer Winston Crooke in memory of Bente Weber, one of the earliest members of the Nevis Cycle & Triathlon Club. Sadly, Bente was lost to cancer.

The event has partnered with the St Kitts Turtle Conservation group for the 4th year, to help raise awareness of the plight of one of our oceans endangered species. We will also partner with the St Kitts & Nevis Special Olympics Group to raise awareness and funds for this important sporting project.

Q4. How many swimmers may enter?
A. Since 2003, the Swim Nevis Event has been growing annually with pre-registered entrants to ensure a safe and well-organized event Typically 200+ participants start the race in two waves a few minutes apart, with the assisted swimmers in the second group. This helps to group the swimmers as much as possible during the race to assist the safety kayakers and boaters in monitoring and aiding the swimmers.

Q5. Is it dangerous?
A. Among the difficulties that may be encountered during the average 1 hour to 2 1/2 hour swim are flailing arms and legs during the start, cross currents, swells, and chop if it is really windy, hence the early start before any wind builds.

Q6. How do I Register to join?
A. See the Registration page for booking details.

Q7. Are there safety Boats?
A. Yes, we have safety boats - Powerboats on the water, kayaks lining the route, rescuers on the shore and First Aid Cover on the land.

Q8. Do I have to swim in open water before this Event?
A. No you don't. You should pick an appropriate event to match your current ability in the pool. You should be able to swim at least the same distance comfortably (2.5 miles, 4.1 km) in a swimming pool before attempting to do it in open water. Ideally you should be able to swim half as far again to compensate for the different environment. You should take the time to train properly if attempting a longer distance that you are not used to.

Q9. Do you time the swim and publish results?
A. For the actual race participants, we time them and publish the results. For the recreational swimmers our swim is about participation and enjoying the journey, not racing. Of course, we all like to know times for our own satisfaction, so we will time each participant and tell you your time as you exit the water and cross the finish line..

Q10. Do I have to wear a wetsuit?
A. For non-race swimmers, it is your choice that you wear a wetsuit, it is not compulsory. If you choose not to wear a wetsuit you should be experienced swimming in open water. The wetsuit will provide extra buoyancy, which is an advantage for your first time in the open water. Competitive race swimmers must wear regulation swim suits and goggles only.

Q11. What type of Wetsuit should I wear?
A. For non-race swimmers, you should find a wetsuit that fits you well. It should be a minimum of 3mm to 5mm thick. There are many different types; surfing, shortie (short arms and legs) or specialist outdoor triathlete suits.

>Q12. How warm is the water?
A. The water is normally between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius). It's like being immersed in a warm bath. Bring your own soap.

Q13. Where is the swim?
A. The race begins from Oualie Beach on the island of Nevis and ends on St Kitts Island at Cockleshell Beach.

Q14. How old do you have to be to take part?
A. We've had participants as young as 8 and as old as 80.

Q15. How do it I get there?
A. Please see our detailed 'Travel' page for travel details.

Q16. What happens if the swim event has to be cancelled?
A. If the weather turns for the worst, the water quality is compromised or any other unforeseen circumstances occur that make the swim unsafe to happen, such as high winds and waves, then we will make the decision to cancel it. Safety first always. In this instance we will endeavor to reschedule the swim at another location and you will be automatically entered into that event. We are not able to refund the registration fee or cost of travel, accommodation, etc.

Q17. What happens if I want to pull out of the event?
A. There is a detailed time schedule concerning refunds on the website, If you do have to withdraw due to medical reasons then please get in touch and we will let you know what you need to do.

Q18. What happens if I can't complete the distance?
A. It is important that you choose a distance you know you can swim to start with. If something does not go to plan during the swim, the safety team will be able to help you and they can accompany you back to shore. It's important to communicate with one of the kayaks and safety boats along the course if you are changing your plan and cutting your route short, so they can ensure your safety.

Q19. May I bring a friend?
A. Sure, if they want to sit and watch fine, if they want to swim great, but don't pressure anyone to do the swim if they are not sure of their own capabilities.

Q20. Can people with Disabilities take part in the event?
A. We encourage swimmers of all kinds and ultimately it will depend on the type of disability. Assisted swimmers may not take part in the race but they can take part in the swim crossing. Access to the water is from a beach so it's probably suitable for most people. It's best to contact us and discuss individual needs if you have any questions.

Q21. Can I bring my kids?
A. Yes, but if they are young there will not be anyone to watch them while you swim. You will need to make arrangements for supervision while you are in the water. All children left unattended will be sold on eBay. (We love kids, just joking!)

Q22. Are there alligators in the water?
A. We provide all alligators for free. There is no extra or hidden charge. You don't have to bring your own.

Q23. If I see an alligator during the swim what do I do?
A. As long as you swim faster than the person next to you, you should be OK.

Q24. How much does it cost to register?
A. It depends on WHEN you Register. Early Birds Register for $75. See the Registration Page for pricing.

Q25. Can I transfer my registration if I am unable to swim?
A. No, there are no refunds, transfers or deferrals for any reason.

Q26. Do you provide swim goggles?
A. No, please bring your own and perhaps a spare set of goggles. Put the straps UNDER your swim cap, so you don't lose them.

Q27. Is there media coverage of the event?
A. For 2017 we are trying to line up 2 major television networks.

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